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Our minds and bodies cope better when we're getting the right foods filled with essential vitamins and minerals.

Eat your way (literally) out of the stress of final exams with the 10 power foods that will boost your energy and keep you mellow so that you can concentrate on tasks (like exams) at hand.


Avocados - filled with potassium and Vitamin E
Brown Rice - stress & anxiety relieving compounds
Sweet Potatoes - source of Vitamin B6
Bananas - full of potassium
Milk - soothing anxiety with calcium
Oranges - energize your immune system
Tuna - loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids
Spinach - lowers stress with its magnesium
Almonds - lowers blood pressure
Blueberries - protects your body with antioxidants


Be Creative: Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs and toast. Think about eating what appeals to you in the morning. A simple pasta and fruit salad would be an excellent breakfast. Try a sandwich or baked tortilla chips with some fruit salsa. Even left over pizza is fine if that's what you like to eat!

Use the crockpot: Assemble breakfast in your crockpot the night before, letting it cook while you sleep, then wake up to the delicious aroma of a finished meal.

Get the kids involved: Children are more likely to eat food that they have chosen or prepared. It may help give them a choice of foods you picked, rather than letting them start from scratch.


More Fruit & Veggies: Stir some applesauce into oatmeal. Make bran muffins with shredded carrot. Add a cup of dried fruits or shredded vegetables to a quick bread mix. And kids love simple flavored yogurt dips served with fresh fruit and veggies.


Bread Machine: Use the timer function on your bread machine and wake up to irresistible aroma of fresh bread baking. Check out Bread Machine Basics for hints, tips and recipes.


Try Ethnic Foods: Tortillas, frittatas, porridges and other breakfast foods from around the world will help pique interest, and will teach your children a bit about the country where the food originated.

Image by Kari Shea
Image by Sincerely Media


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